Brendan Haze Owner posted Dec 7, 16

Alexsocer Haze factions have 50 people but if you want do this server famous again just add super craft brother and other
iCellarHD thx!!! for opening haze <3!!!
iCellarHD Open haze please

Temporary Offline

Brendan Haze Owner posted Nov 11, 16


As some of you might have seen, the server is currently offline.
This was due to not achieving the donation goal for a couple of months, which is needed to being able to pay for the hosting bills. 
We have decided to rent a much smaller dedicated server, and to only continue with hosting our Factions server. Since we were working on a factions server update, we are going to finish the server update, before we are going to open HazeServers network again to the public. This will take a couple of days for us to finish, depending on how much we can work on it.
Later on, once we have enough players and donations again, we will re-open the other servers. This is not only negative, since we will be able to focus on each server 100% before starting with other projects.

Thanks to Travis / Travis1995 we are able to host the smaller server right now.
If you are willing to donate, this will extremely help us! The server cost has been lowered.

Thanks for your understanding,


Alexsocer When will open this server
Menno_95 I'm doing this to clarify and to translate this to people who speak Spanish. An mirado que no se an podido meter al...
andrikospro Can someone tell me when the server is going to open again ? And guys i think all of you have your thoughts but REMEMBER...


Brendan Haze Owner posted Oct 10, 16

panchin451 hola que pasa
xEmperorGenesisx ummm the server is going 2 be 1.8 right....


Brendan Haze Owner posted Oct 10, 16

GeorgiHD Demir
Funtime Pahati22 this is what you get nah jk


Brendan Haze Owner posted Oct 10, 16

Alw69ys Moderator brendan gayboy